More than just a butt workout

Though we focus on glutes, we also train all parts of the body to bring balance to your workout routine. Bünda is a workout you can do everyday.

Building functional strength

Because the glutes stabilize the lower back and knee joints, strengthening them decreases the risk of injury. The Bünda program has been backed by years of research. The daily workout classes are programmed by master level trainers.

Low impact,
not low intensity

Low impact doesn’t mean low intensity. We ensure the right amount of cardio for your fitness level while minimizing the risk of inury.

personal trainers

Designed by some of the most educated fitness professionals in the industry, Bünda ensures all instructors have accredited certification.

Burning fat,
not sugar

The Bünda program forces the body to burn more fat during workouts, not sugar like many HIIT style training programs.

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Meet our certified personal trainers

Bünda is unique in the group fitness industry in that each of our trainers are certified personal trainers from recognized organizations such as NASM, ACSM and NSCA.

Katie Lunger

Katie is the co-founder and creator of BUNDA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a master’s degree in exercise science. She created Bunda to bring a science-backed, results- driven approach to group fitness.

Kevin Lilly

Kevin Lilly has spent his career as a successful fitness entrepreneur for the last 18 years. Kevin is most proud of his CSCS certification. Kevin’s goal is to help people understand their infinite potential in all aspects of life.

Jolanta Jonez

Jolanta started her career in America as a professional dancer. She moved from Poland to NYC and then LA were she started her group fitness career. She is a proud trainer and manager of Train Bunda.

Emily Kjlellman

Emily earned her Kinesiology degree from the University of Maryland in 2018. With a background in sports, dance, personal training, and group fitness, fitness has always been a huge part of her life.

Sonia Hare

Sonia trained in classical ballet and modern dance, developing a strong love for physical fitness. In college she studied exercise science, receiving her certification in personal training and integrative nutrition.

What goes into a Bünda workout?

The 50 minute workout class combines the Stairmaster® and resistance training using our signature “Bünda station.


FREE parking is located upstairs (entrance is on harper). Validation is for 75 minutes. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to your first Bunda class so that we can get you set up and the instructor can give you the rundown of what to expect. Please let the instructor know about any injuries or medical conditions you may have.

The Bünda station

Our proprietary station is designed for all of your stength training needs. The Bünda station features a retractable bench, used for various arm and leg routines. The station also contains resistance bands and sliding panels used for stability and core workouts.

Arms, abs and more

Bünda also offers arms, abs and full body classes. With proper programming and targeting different areas of your body, the Bünda workout is something you can do everyday.

Not a HIIT program

HIIT training has been met with increasing popularity in the fitness class industry, but that may not necessarily be to your benefit. Unfortunately, this type of training teaches the body to rely on sugars during a workout with minimal fat utilization. The Bünda program forces the body to burn more fat during workouts by shrinking the interval margins.

Oh and yes, we feature a dark room, loud music, and the fancy lights… But most importantly the results you want.