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A Better Body Begins with a Better Butt

A Foundation in Science

Studies have shown that frequent glute training burns more fat and stabilizes the back and knees. We base workouts on form and progressions, not intervals and intensity.

Bünda Workout Station

Our patented Bünda station facilitates traditional resistence training methods, backed by science and programmed by some of the most educated fitness experts in the field.

StairMaster® Cardio

Bünda uses the StairMaster to incorporate a variety of step-based movements to minimize impact and injury while maximizing aerobic benefit.

Strong is Beautiful

A strong butt is a beautiful thing, but it’s also a good thing. Because a stronger, better body starts with training your glutes.

Burn more fat

Our StairMaster® programming focuses on maxiumum fat utilization instead of high intensity intervals which burn mostly sugar.

Help prevent injury

A strong butt helps stabilize your back and knees, reducing injury and improving long-term joint health.

Get a nice butt

A strong butt is a beautiful butt.

Proven Methodology

We don’t do “HIIT” style workouts and we don’t do gimmicks. We use proven science to build strength and stability.

“Glute camp” not “boot camp”

High-intensity training burns more sugar than fat. Bünda focuses on techniques that burn fat as a fuel source.

Half cardio, half resistance

Bünda uses the steady-state training of the StairMaster® to burn fat and the resistance benefits of the Bünda station to build strength and stability.

Certified Personal Trainers

Each of our instructors is a certified personal trainer. Founders Katie and Kevin have years of experience in the fitness industry.

Our Proprietary Workout Station

The patented Bünda station facilitates the resistence training necessary to change your whole body.

Core and stability

We use a combination of resistance bands, sliding boards, retractable benches and weights to build stability and overall strength.

Whole body workout

We also offer classes that focus on the total body as well as arms and abs. The workout station is designed to give you a whole body workout.

The Bünda Workout is for Everyone

We can all benefit from having a stronger butt. Whether you’re an athlete or just want to feel stronger and healthier, the Bünda workout can help you build a solid foundation to lose body fat and feel your best.

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Rebecca T.

Bunda has completely changed my body and my overall outlook on exercise! Bunda's program is fully rooted in science and each trainer is not only certified andhighly educated, but super passionateabout providing you with a fun, safe and incredibly effective workout.

Hayley C.

I’ve been coming to Bunda for a year and a half & I can confidently say it has changed my life! Not only have I seen huge physical improvements in my body, but my overall strength and self confidence has grown.

Zoey A.

I’ve seen a drastic change in not only my body composition, but my endurance as well. The 50 minute classes are highly effective due to being incredibly well thought out and intentionally structured. After a year, it’s safe to say I still feel challenged in this class!