BÜNDA is perfect for ALL fitness levels. Dive in and see what we’re all about.

BÜNDA is a workout for everyone! We will meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey. All classes are 50-55 minutes consisting of ½ Stairmaster + ½ strength training and led by certified personal trainers. We train the lower body frequently because it results in a TOTAL BODY CHANGE!


You may be an avid strength trainer or someone new to this concept, but either way you will get a great workout at BÜNDA. The key is taking the class at your own pace and our trainers will always offer progressions and modifications to the daily program. At BÜNDA, we focus on form over speed and follow the science of traditional strength training.

As a first-time client, we require you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your first class to go over your fitness goals, show you the equipment for class, complete any additional forms and introduce you to your trainer. Make sure you have athletic shoes and water.


IMPORTANT: If you are late for your first class, you will not be allowed to take that class.


We recommend contacting your home studio for more information regarding your first class. See you soon!

“BÜNDA requires certain equipment for our Butt & Legs classes and Glutecamp classes. As a first-time client, you will receive the equipment complimentary for your first class. After that, you are required to either rent the equipment or purchase the items from the studio.”




Easily book classes and buy classes on the go.

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