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Fitness Myths

We know there is a lot of misinformation about fitness concepts, especially in the group fitness industry. BÜNDA is here to give you the truth .

This is one of the biggest fitness myths. For the body to adapt and change, repetition is KEY. In fact, it’s one of the most important concepts in seeing results. At BÜNDA, we repeat moves often which gives your body a chance to perfect the form of the movement. Once your form is there, you can add weight to the exercise. The importance is adding a stress to the body. For instance, making sure you have a heavy enough weight so that your last couple reps are a challenge. There is no way to add an appropriate weight unless you repeat moves often.

There is no such thing as “spot training” for fat loss. You must select exercises that work the largest muscles in the body (i.e., the glutes and legs) to stimulate enough energy output for fat loss. For example, the squat exercise requires much more energy from the body than a crunch. Therefore, a squat is more suitable if your goal is fat loss and why we train the butt and legs frequently at BÜNDA. Training your lower body often will result in a total body change.

While yes, we do focus on training the glutes and legs A LOT (remember that provides the most overall change!), we offer upper body workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and a total body workout on Sundays.

HIIT training burns a lot of sugar and very little fat. BÜNDA’s Stairmaster program focuses on steady-state cardio. This type of cardio teaches your body how to utilize fat as a fuel source when you exercise. It’s important so that all systems of the body work optimally – you sleep better, recover better, and your hormone response is better – leading to better results from your training. The BÜNDA stair program is by no means EASY. We love intensity it just needs to be programmed properly.

If you are sore after every workout, you are doing something wrong. The body should be able to adapt to the movements that you are doing. Adaptation is good and crucial for seeing results. Soreness is most likely caused by doing a new exercise you have never done, your first workout after taking some time off, or the first time you add heavier weight to an exercise. YOU SHOULD NOT BE SORE AFTER EVERY WORKOUT.