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Stairmaster Workout: Lift and Tone Your Glutes and Abs

Hello Bundies! We’re excited to see you checking into our bi-weekly blog updates, featuring interesting perspectives on nutrition and training as well as gym and home workouts you can do on your own to develop your best butt ever! This week, we are featuring a stairmaster workout. The stairmaster is our favorite cardio machine because it burns calories, improves heart health and effectively strengthens the glutes while trimming your waist at the same time.

Do Stairmasters give you abs?


Yes – the stairmaster will absolutely give you abs! But it will require some effort on your part. In order to execute proper form on the stairmaster, it is important that you exaggerate your posture by holding your chest high and straightening your back. By maintaining proper posture on the stairmaster, you will burn a lot more calories than if you are leaned over or putting too much weight on your upper body. This will lead to a tinier waistline.

Does the Stairmaster Build your Glutes?


Because the stairmaster imitates the action of walking up stairs, it requires heavy activation from the glute muscles to lift the body as you climb. By using the variations we’ve listed in the stairmaster workout, you hit the glutes in three different directions.Those variations are front-to-back (single step), side-to-side, and rotationally (cross-over step). These variations are necessary in order to shape the glutes. So in short – yes, the stairmaster will most definitely lift and tone your glutes.

It’s  very important that you monitor the levels you maintain throughout your stairmaster training – for two reasons. If you climb too fast using a high level, it may cause you to overuse the quads and hip flexers. Find a level that challenges you where you can maintain proper posture. This is especially important in the step variations, even if you need to take it down a level or two. This will present a better result than training at a higher level. The only way to see physical changes is by improving glute strength. Therefore, you must progress your levels over time as your glutes become stronger. You should always feel you are working just outside of your comfort zone when you do your stairmaster workout.

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Do Stairmasters give you abs?


The following is a stairmaster workout we’ve put together for you. Progress your levels between workouts to see amazing results.

Repeat three times for a total of 15 minutes.

Every round, increase the single step minute by 1 level. You can then decrease the level for the variations. You want the workout to be challenging, but form is the most important part – especially in the variations.

Stairmaster Workout Key


Single step: climb normally
Skip a step: the same as single step, but letting one step come out of the machine before you step on the next (great for the hamstrings). **
** avoid skip a step if you have knee injuries
Side step, right side: Have both hips pointing to the right, bring your hands to the right-side handlebars. Your right foot will cross over your left. Focus on engaging the outer right hip and glute.

This variation is great for lifting the booty from the side and work on banishing cellulite,  as well as strengthen the muscles that stabilize your lower back and knee.

Side step, left side: Have both hips pointing to the left, bring your hands to the left side handlebars. Your left foot will cross over your right. Focus on engaging the outer left hip and glute.
Alternating kickbacks (the best one for the BÜNDA!): This is the only variation we suggest leaning forward for. You want to stay leaned forward throughout the movement. As you skip a step, lift the opposite leg straight back, pausing at the top to feel the glute muscle engage.

For another glute-focused workout without the cardio, check out our resistance band booty workout.

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