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Stairmaster Benefits




Cardiovascular exercise burns muscle mass and spikes cortisol levels, especially long-duration cardio (Ex: a one-hour run). The stair program at BÜNDA includes three, 6–9-minute rounds on the StairMaster, which is enough time to get a cardiovascular benefit without stressing the body too much. In addition, the stairs are extremely metabolic without being high impact, allowing you to preserve the muscle tone you work hard for when resistance training (provided you stay within BÜNDA’s stair program guidelines).


The StairMaster programming at BÜNDA effectively hits all three directions – front to back (single step), side to side (side step), and rotational (crossover step). This is important for joint mobility and functionality!


You will always burn more sugar than fat while exercising, but it is extremely important to teach your body how to use fat as a fuel source when working out. This is a main reason people stop seeing results from workouts, especially group fitness. The higher the intensity, the more sugar you will burn. Our program focuses on maintaining a steady pace on the stairs that is challenging but a pace you can maintain for 6-9 minutes. We call this our BASE LEVEL. We do slight intervals, about 2-3 levels above your base for 30-60 seconds, and we call this our PUSH LEVEL. The key to your push is that you can effectively recover at your base right after. Training this way, rather than adding extreme variations in your intervals, will increase your fat utilization and lower your cortisol response yielding better results.

In addition to these three Stairmaster benefits, the Stairmaster is an incredible low-impact cardio workout that will help strengthen the lower body as well as your heart and lungs.

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