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6 Amazing Butt Workouts for a Better BÜNDA

There is a lot of information on the web about how to build, lift, and tone the glutes. Trainers and enthusiasts often suggest using lots of resistance to build and lift a better booty. The problem is that many high resistance butt workouts do not activate the glutes properly. If you cannot activate your glutes, they will not work during exercises that are supposed to target them. This can lead to growth in the quads, one of the most overactive muscles during glute exercises. The key is to start doing movements with light resistance and then progressively increase the load when you are ready. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t feel your booty, the exercise is not working effectively.

1. Hip Thruster/ Bridge

If I had to choose only one butt workout to work with, the glute bridge would be it! I recommend starting this exercise from the floor. If you have a mini band, it can be very beneficial to help activate the glutes even more. Place the band just underneath the knees.

To perform this exercise:

2. Deadlift

The deadlift will give you an excellent butt workout if done properly. The deadlift is the exact same motion as the bridge, except from a standing position. It takes a while to perfect the form on this exercise. Many people do this incorrectly and can injure their backs. Keep the resistance light until you get the form, especially when performing this exercise. I prefer to use a Kettlebell for this move.

To perform this butt workout exercise:

3. Side Step with Mini Band (loop)

Butt workouts using the loop are some of the best exercises to fire the smaller muscles of the glutes. They are especially crucial in activating the glute medius, which plays a big role in lifting the booty from the side.

To perform this exercise:

4. Kneeling Kickback

The kickback is one of the best butt workouts to give the booty that round shape. These can be done body weight or from a cable machine.

To perform this exercise:

5. Reverse Lunge

Lunges can be very effective for the glutes if done properly. The reverse lunge is my favorite to target that area right underneath the booty. There are many different fancy variations of lunges for the booty, the reverse lunge remains our favorite here at BÜNDA.

To perform this exercise:

Complete 3-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions of each exercise for maximum results

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