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This workout isn’t just about the “butt”. We emphasize frequent lower body training because it will result in a TOTAL body change.

The BÜNDA Difference

At BÜNDA we train the butt and legs the most frequently to drive fat loss. Working the largest muscles (THE GLUTES AND LEGS!) creates the most energy output in the body.

For example, squats require much more energy from the body than crunches do. Therefore, squats are a better choice for fat loss, even when you want to drop fat in your stomach.

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1/2 stairmaster + 1/2 Strength

Low impact, NOT Low intensity

Our Stairmaster sessions are low-impact ensuring a joint-friendly workout. The stair portion of the BÜNDA class is challenging, but cardiovascular programs don’t need to be that “hard”. For instance, there is no need to ever run on the Stairmaster, not only is that not low impact but it’s going to result in a high sugar burn. Save all that energy for your strength training!

The Best Programming in the Industry

BÜNDA is where you can discover how a proper strength training program can change your body and your life. Our programs are designed by our founder, Katie Lilly, who holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Steady State Cardio

Proper cardio programming matters. The BÜNDA program will teach your body to utilize fat as a fuel source, instead of just relying on sugars. This plays a major role in the results you get from your workouts.

Form First

At BÜNDA, we emphasize proper form to prevent injuries and maximize gains. No matter if you are new or workout all the time, proper form is one of the biggest indicators to getting results from your training program. All BÜNDA trainers are certified personal trainers.

Results Driven

This program works! We use the INBODY scan to let our members set measurable goals and track results you can see AND feel.

Progressive Overload

This is the missing piece of many strength programs. Our trainers guide you in progressively lifting heavier weights for continuous improvement. Progressive overload is the best way to drop body fat and increase lean body mass.

Transform your fitness journey

Ready to see real results? Book your class today!

Join us and experience the unique blend of Stairmaster and strength training.

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Our Founders

Katie Lilly


Katie created BÜNDA to bring science backed cardiovascular and strength programming to group fitness. She is extremely passionate about teaching proper form and proper strength training principles. She has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Katie has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. All of the daily class programs are created by Katie and taught by our certified personal trainers.

Kevin Lilly


A lifetime athlete, Kevin has been professionally training clients for over 20 years. BÜNDA was his chance to teach proper strength in a group setting. Kevin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He also heads BÜNDA Franchising Group and strives to inspire the entire BÜNDA community.