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Repetition vs Time

Repetition VS Time: Does it really matter? The answer is ABSOLUTELY. 
Here are the reasons why counting reps is much more effective than time:
  • Keeps you focused and present. Most likely if you are given an amount of time to do something, your mind starts to drift. You have to drop yourself (focus and be present) into your workout for maximal results. 
  • Volume (reps x sets) matters. When you count for time, there is no way to control the volume of training.
  • Form and tempo are improved when counting reps. Timing movements usually causes people to speed up and sacrifice their form. 
  • If we gave you 2 minutes to do an exercise, any weight you use is going to fatigue you, but that doesn’t mean it will stimulate a change. When you count your reps, you are more likely to progress the movements and overload the body correctly.