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Gym-Hopping | Why Choose Only One Group Workout Class?

Submitted by Nikolas James

The group workout class trend is on the rise, especially since the advent and increasing popularity of ClassPass. If you don’t already know, ClassPass is the hot app that lets users pick from a myriad of group fitness classes in their area to drop into for one monthly price. It’s led to the rise of a community of people who pursue fitness like they would club-hopping – bouncing from one gym to another as they please.

An article in The Wall Street Journal talks about the obsession with group exercise classes in New York. 30 Millenials Walk Into a Gym by Alex Armstrong, retention manager at Exos, mentions an “elite” group of people that use fitness classes the most. What makes this “elite” group soelite? They make up 20% of the clientele but generate 80% of the revenue!

The problem with gym-hopping is that there is no way to maintain a focused fitness program if you haven’t selected a single routine. It’s great that people are getting so into fitness that they want to try many classes – not just for the results but the joy of it. But is it possible to have fun and achieve your fitness goals?

My Experience Committing to BÜNDA’s Fitness Program


BÜNDA is a group fitness program designed to achieve improved functionality with an emphasis on glute definition. The fantastic roster of licensed instructors and committed members make up a fun, communal environment where people can be social and get a great workout in.

I started at BÜNDA as a walk-in in October, 2018. I saw the sign and thought “wow – a booty workout class! How perfect!” I’d been weight-training my glutes on my own for about two years and saw results, but ran into snags. The biggest problem I had was maintaining proper form, and without a personal trainer it’s unlikely I would have been able to avoid injuring myself. I also built a lot of bulk in all the wrong places.

One of the things I appreciate most about BÜNDA is the emphasis on the best form for injury prevention and glute isolation. The trainers reiterate proper form throughout class and adjust you. I like that because it’s in my nature to lose form, so the ongoing reminders really aid in helping me be consistent and improve.

When I first got measured on February 27, 2019, my waist was 30.5” and hips were 38.5”. My most recent measurement on October 19, 2019 was 29.7” on the waist and 39.7” on the hips. My waist-to-hip ratio shifted from .79 (4:5) to .75 (3:4), which means the difference between my waist and hips has widened – leaving me with a bigger, firmer butt and a smaller waist! Don’t worry if you’re a woman reading this because the results still apply; my waist was measured a few notches above where it actually is to match the same right places.

How did I do it? I went to BÜNDA 3-4 times per week, challenging myself to progress in weight and Stairmaster levels to continue to push my body more with each visit. I ate a lot of protein and produce. And I had fun in class!

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